Manchester United vs Chelsea Preview: Lindegaard Okay, Fergie still De Gea

Anders Lindegaard quite charming appearance in the Champions League does not make it automatically will be played against Chelsea. Manchester United's goalkeeper in the game will still escorted David De Gea.

As against Benfica on Thursday (15/09/2011
), MU's goal guarded by Lindegaard. Despite conceding a goal with the match result was 1-1, Lindegaard still look pretty good.

’s performance in these games raise questions. Is he going to replace De Gea, which have been the starter in the Premier League, while Manchester United face Chelsea this weekend?

"No. David De Gea will play on Sunday. This is the decision before the game and has not changed," said United
’s manager Sir Alex Ferguson to ITV1.

"I do not know why you ask such a thing, you just look stupid things. Regardless, it proves we have two outstanding goalkeepers," said Fergie.

Lindegaard himself affirms will continue to perform excellent in his attempt to guard the goal number one for the 'Red Devils'.

"What answer do you expect from that question? I've told you a thousand times if I did not come here just to pick
my nose," he said when asked about his determination to compete with De Gea.

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