Asus Padfone with Tegra 3 at WMC 2012

asus padfone Asus Padfone with Tegra 3 at WMC 2012

Asus Padfone, is smartphone convertible into tablet is nearing official launch of the Mobile World Congress 2012 will take place in February. The launch was delayed due to last moment changes in the hardware, Asus and decided to give up the initial configuration in favor of one based on Tegra 3, a high-performance chipset, able to bring the new  Padfone in the same group with Asus Prime Transformer version for Android  tablet Transformer 4.0. Asus Padfone is a smartphone comes with an accessory form of tablets, equipped with a docking port compartment and by the presence of an extra battery in the tablet body that can bring benefits in terms of autonomy, while extending mobility.  Asus Padfone can be used as a cell phone when we move, but may take the role of a tablet then carry out other activities that can benefit from a larger screen, such as watching movies, web browsing and working with text documents.

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