Outback Motion Activated Camera

I do not think that you are going to catch a Pulitzer winning photograph anytime soon with the £99.99 Outback Motion Activated Camera, but at least it will help you nab that pesky fox who seems to like to drop by your backyard and rattle the nerves of your pet rabbits? If you intend on shooting that elusive Yeti, the Outback Motion Activated Camera might not be the best equipment, but at least carry one around as a backup as part of your gear collection.

This is a compact, battery powered unit that can be stashed away in a tree or hole somewhere, and it will lay in wait like the hunter that it is, ready to shoot any beasties regardless of whether it is day or night – as long as they activate the motion sensor to trigger the camera into action. All images captured are in 2-megapixel glory, and it will take some time before the 2GB SD memory card will be filled to the brim. Night shots are not a problem either, as the IR function will get the job done even in the dead of the night.

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