USB Floppy Disk Drive

The famous 5.25″ floppy – single-sided or double-sided, sir? Imagine swapping such disks when playing games, and installation proved to be a pain when you have seven, nay, eight of these floppies to go through. 3.5″ floppies were far sturdier and less prone to damage, so why not usher in a modern interpretation of a retro device? The £26.99 USB Floppy Disk Drive is as what it says – all you need to do is plug this into any available USB port, and it is capable of transferring all 1.44MB of data on a 3.5″ floppy disk over to your computer. Pretty pointless actually, and in this day and age, probably the only things you can carry around on the floppy would be a couple of sized down images and perhaps a text file or two.

If you are one who basks in nostalgia, and would love to hear the sounds that come from a floppy disk drive of old being read, then this is it. Otherwise, it would still make for a great conversation starter, and there is even the classic LED which lights up when plugged in to indicate power, read and write activity.

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