Deschamps talks up chances

Marseille coach Didier Deschamps still believes his side can qualifying for the UEFA Champions League semi-finals.

The French outfit trail Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich 2-0 from the first leg, but Deschamps insists his side will fight to the end as they look to progress .

"We have to be realistic. Obviously we still stand a chance," Deschamps said.

"Although after the first leg, Bayern Munich is clearly the big favourite. What's important for us, for my players, is to hit the pitch fully aware of the game's stake.

"They'll play the best match possible. They'll try and get the best score. After, everything depends on the scenario. We'll see if at some point during the game, our chances can increase.

"In any case, we'll hit the pitch aiming for a win. It may not be enough. However the team hasn't lost its qualities after the first leg.

"It's rather pleasant and exciting to play this kind of game even if the result of the first leg makes our task a difficult one."

Deschamps said home ground advantage will favour the German side.

"It's going to be crazy in the stadium. It'll be full," he said.

"And Bayern is a team that performs well at home. So our task is all the more harder.

"I think that because it's the second leg of the last eight, and for the image of Marseille on an international level, we must do our best.

"And again in front of us there's an opponent with great qualities but we'll fight till the end in order to avoid having regrets. After, we'll see what happens."

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