The GP Toilet – You Want at Home Medical Testing? Urine Luck!

We are all too familiar with the urine test. Everyone seems to want to run a little analysis on our tinkle. The doctor, your employer, even the latest weight loss fad all need us to pee on, or in something. How humiliating, walking down the cold hallway with your tiny little cup, the insecurity about the protocol of how to hand it back, do you wrap it in a paper towel or just drop it at the front desk? I hate it!

Well, welcome to the 21st century. Check out the GP Toilet, you simply select the testing you require from the integrated screen and a test nozzle appears in the bowl and awaits your “sample”. Quick and easy, you’ll be a whiz in no time. (sorry) The nozzle will then retract and analysis begins, thus “eliminating” your need to visit the doctor. This process can be very helpful in monitoring, diagnosing or even simply providing information, like when a woman might be ovulating.

The urine sensor even checks your urine flow and urine levels and then runs preselected testing, displaying the results (within minutes) on the screen. The “number 1″ reason the GP Toilet was designed is to partially eliminate the hassle and cost of a doctor’s office visit or laboratory testing, and it is especially convenient for those who must have such tests and work-ups done frequently.

The General Practitioner Toilet is the brainchild of Lucy Jung and Do Hyung Kim and  it isnt available just yet, but I can only imagine that the GP Toilet, or something very similar will be in everyone’s bathroom someday. Is that a good thing? or is medical testing in the hands of non-doctors a scary proposition? Let us know, I really gotta go!


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