These Shoes were Made for Charging

A tremendous amount of time has been spent developing new and cool gizmos and gadgets, and now a directly proportionate amount of energy is being spent finding alternate ways to power all our stuff. Smaller batteries, solar power, charging stations, thermo-electric power. We have a lot to choose from, and now we may not have to look much farther than our feet.

A guy from Kenya has just come forward with his invention, a device comprised of an incredibly thin chip of crystals that can actually create power as the sole of the shoe is flexed. This energy can be stored for later use, or charge your devices via a thin flexible cord from your shoe to your pocket, all while you walk, run, or jog.

Anthony Matua, the gentleman responsible for this awesome idea tells us that this chip can be inserted inside the sole of any shoe, with the exception of bathroom slippers, and evidently you don’t have to worry which shoes you choose as your “charging” pair as these crystals can also be moved from one pair to another.

So as you walk, you generate pressure and in turn, that pressure generates energy, so it looks as though in the future you may be able to just keep on talking, as long as you are able to keep on walking. Are you listening Nike? I see big things for this technology. The device has been patented and it looks like it may be set to enter the market at a very modest price point. Word is the equivalent of around 46 bucks will buy you a chip with a two and a half-year warranty.

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