Mini iPad? Isn’t that just a Maxi iPod?

If it were not for Apple products I’m not sure the technology rumor mill would be quite as much fun as it is now. There is always some hush-hush secret project going on, with an undisclosed release date, that wouldn’t bother me so much if I hadn’t just purchased the latest gizmo only to find out that there was something neater, cooler, smaller, faster or, with better battery life just around the corner. So let me tell you what might be, in case it saves you from some future disappointment.

Have you heard about the Apple iPad Mini? I hadn’t, so I did a little research, and this is what I came up with… The iPad Mini is most likely a reality and already set to go into production, it will have a smaller-than-8-inch screen, ditching  the retina display in favor of oxide TFT technology, have a differently positioned camera, and will be offered at a lower price point than the regular iPad we all know, and love. (or despise in favor of Android devices, but that’s a whole other post)

It seems like all the excitement will start this fall, maybe as early as September, when Apple may begin rolling out not only the brand new, diminutive iPad, but the new iPhone (4G/LTE?) as well. I wish I had more details to give you. Oh wait! Sources are also leaning towards a $250 to $300 price point. Come on guys, what do you know? and will you be standing in line for the baby iPad?

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