A Fire Pit for Anyone

Fall is right around the corner. Kids are going back to school, football season is upon us and slowly but surely a chill creeps into the air. On a cool Fall night a fire pit is a great way to enjoy the evening. It helps create a perfect social environment for parties or barbeques. Not to mention a good place to curl up with a Kindle Fire, iPad or loved one.

Yet most of us don’t have the money or space to construct a fire pit. Not to mention the patience for the mess that a natural pit creates or gas line to power one. The Outdoor GreatRoom® Company offers a solution that works for most any situation. Their Venturi Flame line of table top fire pits gives a stylish solution that can be used outdoors or indoors. A gel fuel pack provides the power source, you simply provide the flame, put the top on and voila. The unique twirling fire adds a unique feel to any setting. It is your own fire pit for $182.66 on Amazon. Replacement gel packs are available – 24 for less than $100.

The uses are really endless: low table on the patio for a fire pit feel, outdoor dining table for ambiance, indoor patio. Even if you have a fire pit, a Venturi Flame adds extra pizzazz to the scene. Get yourself prepared for the chill in the air with your own fire pit.

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