DOCS2GO Scanner for iPad

How many of you out there actually use a scanner, raise your hands? Well, scanners are useful for stashing important documents and immortalizing them in the digital format, as you have more or less run out of space to store those physical papers. Here is one unique scanner that doubles up as an iPad dock as well – the £149.99 DOCS2GO Scanner for iPad. Coming in a sleek form factor, the DOCS2GO Scanner for iPad will be able to scan documents and photos amongst others, where all you need to do is dock your iPad in the standard 30-pin connector, send those documents that you want to be scanned through the scanner, and see them appear on your iPad’s display, as though there was a bunch of garden gnomes hiding in your iPad to perform such magic.

Definitely a whole lot more enticing to look at than the noisy flatbed scanner, the DOCS2GO Scanner for iPad will run off juice from your iPad’s 10W power adaptor. It is a snap to tote around in your backpack whenever you travel, and it has just strengthened the case for tablets being a viable portable workstation for folks who work in a mobile environment.

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