Green and Gadget-y

Yep, another unique docking station. The ideas never end. And they keep getting better. As electronic fanatics we are constantly looking for something new. And greenery is never a bad addition to our environment.

Meet the Bloombox. It is a one of a kind docking station providing two major differences. First, it amplifies acoustics by 30%, the designers claim. Save on the volume! Secondly, they have designed the unit to contain a customizable planter for small greenery. Designed by Nicholas Hyde and Brennan Conroy, it is currently listed on Kickstarter for a $50 pledge which funds the mold for production and gets you a unit once produced. They are more than halfway to their fundraising goal to make Bloombox a reality. It is expected to retail for $20 once available (hopefully later this year). Forewarning, it will require use of your own iPhone cord.

Think about it. Aesthetically and audiologically it would be a nice addition to any room. And you can add foliage to make it NOT look like another piece of electronic equipment. So get behind a unique take on a docking station and give that little greenery a place to live. Also, it would make a perfect holiday gift for the iPhone user that wants a slightly little different home for their device.

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