Drogba tug-of-war continues

The struggle to secure Didier Drogba for next season has intensified as Chelsea and Chinese outfit Shanghai Shenhua fight for his services.

Chinese media have reported that Drogba's three agents will meet with Shanghai owner Zhu Jun on Tuesday.

However Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has started his own campaign for Drogba, urging his club to come to terms with the Ivorian.

"I'm desperate for him to stay. He is a magnificent player. He's a machine," Lampard said.

"Everyone has to move on at some stage and you have to find a different player or a different way of playing, but for what he has done at this club, he deserves everything."

A one-year contract extension was offered to Drogba in December, yet was rejected after he wanted two years.

Reports have claimed Chinese Super League club Shanghai have offered Drogba almost 250,000 euros-per-season on a two-year contract.

Drogba's agent Thierno Seidy had told L'Equipe in late April that Drogba had 'a lot of offers from everywhere'.

Shanghai assistant player-manager, and former Chelsea teammate Nicholas Anelka said in March he was confident of Drogba joining him as a strike partner.

"Yes, I am frequently in contact with him. If all things go smoothly, he should be joining us," he said.

However Anelka's confidence has waned, and is now unsure as to where the striker, who scored in Chelsea's FA Cup triumph on Saturday, will end up next season.

"Even if Drogba finally chooses to stay with Chelsea, that can only prove Drogba himself wanted to stay and Chelsea also wanted to keep him," he said.

"If Drogba cannot come to Shanghai, then there are no regrets because the world still has many other fine players."

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